Works Published By Keith R. Mathews

  2010 − 2012: Bleacher Report — 50 articles (and counting) on NFL football, with a readership of some 100,000.

  2008-2013: Wrote over 120 articles in my blog, “
I, Liberal” on wide ranging subjects, with a readership of some 6,000 a month.

  1988-2009: Took a 20-year break from publishing writings to run a business repairing, installing and teaching about Apples’ Macintosh computers.

  March 1988: “The Macintosh ROM Encyclopedia”, 928 pages, Simon & Shuster under the Brady Books imprint, distributed by Prentiss Hall. $29.95. ISBN: 0-13-541509-8. Floppy disk copies available in Word.

  December, 1986: Article; “TOPSPrint For The PC”; for Centram, West, of Berkeley.

  June 1986: “Excel Business Accounting Book” (Hardcover); 374 pages, Sams, ISBN10: 0810465787, ISBN13: 978-0810465787. $24.95. A compilation of some 100 Excel macros needed to run a complete invoice-based accounting system for small businesses. Floppy disk copies were also available in Word on request.

  June, 1985: Assembly Language Primer For The Macintosh”; New American Libraries, 350 pp., $24.95. (ISBN: 0-452-25642-9)

  February, 1984: Article; “Managing Businesses With CalcStar”; Micropro User's Magazine, San Rafael.

  December 1983: Article; “Playing Business Poker With CalcStar”; MicroPro User's Magazine, San Rafael.

1973: “Stranglehold”, a fictional novel (with Gregory C. Knapp, who won the coin flip for author’s credit): Little Brown and Company, Boston, Toronto. Hardback, 240 pgs, (ISBN 0-316-49921-8)